Destin Beach Webcams

Destin and Fort Falton Beach Webcams are great ways to watch the weather and crowds before you begin your travel. Weather forecast may not always give the best idea, it may show rain but actual rain may be just an hour. So it is always fun to check different points from below links. The Destin Beach Webcams links may change from time to time but we try to keep them updated for our vacation rental guests. Make sure to book you next vacation in one of our Destin Condos.

You can check the Destin Beach Webcams and Fort Walton Beach Webcams below (some of them may be disabled from time to time):

Pelican Beach Resort Webcam
Pelican Beach Resort is one of the best resorts known for its amenities and proximity to Destin. Crystal clear waters and a white sand beach is waiting for you.

Waterscape Resort Webcam
Waterscape Condominiums are tucked on the white-sand shores of Okaloosa Island, just under three miles from downtown Fort Walton Beach

Destin Bridge From East Pass Towers

Destin Bridge offers the best views and hosts Crap Island next to hit with a lot of water activities

Henderson Park

Enjoy a majestic shoreline anchored by 30-foot, snow-white sand dunes where basking in the Florida sun or wading into warm gulf waters is the order of each and every day.

Sandestin Resort Webcams

Sandestin is a golf and beach resort area on Miramar Beach where luxury resorts and hotels sit close to miles of white-sand beaches. 

Destin Harborwalk Beach Cam

HarborWalk Village is Destin, Florida’s lively entertainment center and the perfect waterfront place to be for guests and residents looking for endless fun.

Crap Trap Webcam Okaloosa Island Pier

Located at the busy Boardwalk, The Crab Trap is known as the first and last stop for visitors. 

AJ’s Harbor WebCam

AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar is always serving the best oysters, serving the best food, serving the best drinks and playing the best live music in the Destin

How much are Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway Service Fees?

Online travel agencies dominated the market place and have been a fruitful platform for property owners while giving guests the comfort of real reviews and variety of vacation homes to choose from.

The biggest ones in the market are Airbnb, VRBO/Homeaway and Tripadvisor/Flipkey. recently penetrated into vacation rental space too.

What are Airbnb fees?

Airbnb charges the guest around 10-13% depending on the amount of the booking, the more you pay, the less % is the service fee. They do not hold a security deposit on your card, but if your host claims and documents damaged, you may be charged for it. They charge hosts 3%, which is kind of similar to credit card processing fee. They pay the host a few days after the guests check-in. Hosts have an option to eat up the guest service fee and pay all themselves.

What are VRBO/Homeaway fees?

They lately became more greedy every year after being acquired by Expedia. They did not use to charge the guest, but only host until 3 years ago but now similar to Airbnb, they charge the guest between 9-13% service fee. But for the host, there are two options: 1) Pay $499/yr listing fee plus 3% processing fee of bookings 2) Pay per booking model of 8% (of which 3% is processing fee). They charge the security deposit on guests card, and it is easier for host to hold the deposit against damage. Depending on the payment model, they pay the host around 5-7 days after the payment was made or guest checked-in. If you connect VRBO to your PMS such as Ownerrez, you are then supposed to collect all charges but VRBO booking fees (these fees are separately charged to the guest) using your own payment processor, which means you do not pay 3% processing fee and collect the funds immediately. In pay per booking model, they bill you for the 5%.

What are Flipkey/Tripadvisor fees?

They have always been charging the guests 8-16% booking fee (I believe it is a flat 15%), however lately they began not transparently displaying it as a line item, but embed into rent price. They charge the owners 3% as others do. Security deposits were used to held on the credit card, but again lately, guests reported that they did not see the security deposit. They pay the host after check-in.

How to avoid Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway Service Fees?

It is not fair trying to avoid the fees which you willingly accept as a host. An honestly, we do not do it. However, for the guest, the situation is different. It can be a bit annoying to pay a hefty 15% on top of a $3,000 vacation.

Most hosts try to avoid a situation to divert the inquiries to direct bookings for not only fairness, but also the lesser you get bookings from OTA, the lower your ranking becomes in time. Also they would give up on the valuable review opportunity.

Sometimes, it is the guest, who wants to know how to book direct and avoid fees; otherwise he would not book your property. All the OTAs have policies against doing this, no surprise there. All these portals have sophisticated algorithms to prevent you from exchanging contact details before booking (one exception being VRBO, showing contact details to some trusted hosts in the inquiry). Tripadvisor filter can be so annoying, you cannot even share the Tripadvisor links of your other properties, it gets blocked. They also do not share the contacts until the last payment is done

For direct bookings to happen, hosts must have a platform to get paid. That could be by means of a professional looking website like this one, or sending a Paypal invoice (which may let guest feel secure knowing Paypal’s Buyer Protection, if not, they may feel suspicious). Hosts are also advised to keep a mailing list of the inquiries and past bookings, and use mailing platforms like Mailchimp (free up to 2000 subscribers) to send emails from time to time to remind themselves and divert guests to their booking site.

If you likes our page, we can design and publish one for you. Just contact us.

Underwater Museum of Art

The Underwater Museum of Art is the first permanent underwater sculpture garden in the U.S. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, off of Walton County, Florida. The museum lies at a depth of 58-feet and 1 mile from the shore of Grayton Beach State Park. Each year, a juried selection of sculptural works from artists throughout the world is installed. The sculptures quickly attract a wide variety of marine life and, over time, metamorphize into a living reef. This eco-tourism attraction entices art lovers and divers from around the country and provides a habitat for local marine life and fisheries as well as providing scientists with an opportunity to study marine life and measure the impact of artificial reef systems on the Gulf ecosystem.

Divers who wish to visit the site can take a dive boat off the coast of Grayton Beach State Park. The coordinates for the center sculpture (SWARA Skull) are Latitude N30 18 45.262 Longitude W086 09 33.722.

In addition to providing a site for SCUBA diving that will be unique to the world, the sculptures are designed and selected with their suitability as marine habitat in mind, so even in the absence of SCUBA divers, the Underwater Museum of Art is certain to have many visitors, including schools of baitfish, grouper, sea turtles and dolphins!

Annually variety of works are selected from both local, regional and national artists for deployment. Those who explore the museum will find sculptures ranging from an 8-foot tall deer and a giant pineapple to a massive skull and an octopus.

United Airlines ending service with Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport

OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fla. — United Airlines will end service to and from Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport in March.

United told Channel 3 Thursday that due to changes in the long-term sustainability of the particular route they will be ending discontinuing the route to and from Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport.

United had not stated whether the end of service is permanent. They say they will continue to reevaluate their options.

Channel 3 was issued a statement from United following the announcement:

Due to changes in the long-term sustainability of this particular route, United will end service to Destin-Fort Walton Beach in March 2022. We are working with customers impacted by the change to help them make alternate plans. It’s important to note that many different factors determine a successful route and our decisions include careful evaluation of our overall network, fleet, resources at our regional partners and yields. With that in mind, we have determined that this particular route is not sustainable for the long-term. As we do with all markets, we’ll continue to evaluate the feasibility of returning based on the operational and financial environment.

Channel 3 has requested a comment from Okaloosa County about United’s announcement.

News courtesy of:
Photo: A United Airlines jetliner lifts off from a runway at Denver International Airport, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Pelican Beach Resort Beach Service Rates

Following are the 2022 Rental Rates for Pelican Beach Resort Beach Service, same as 2021 rates. Our guests can use the free set we provide in our units. Personal sets are only allowed behind rental rows. Tents and canopies are not allowed on our beach. You can reserve your set by calling 866-651-1869  if you prefer to sit around front rows. You can also book online at

(Tax not included)

2 Chairs & 1 Umbrella                          $35 a day – $175 a week

Half Day Rate                                        $25 half day (9am-1pm) or (1pm-5pm)

Single Chair                                            $10 a day

Single Umbrella                                     $20 a day

5 Chairs & 1 Giant Umbrella Set         $100 a day – $500 a week

Single Giant Umbrella                          $60 a day – $200 a week

Kayaks/Stand up paddle boards        $35 an hour  – $75 half day  – $100 full day

Tesla to open a supercharger station in Destin Florida

Good and long time awaited news. Today we have checked Tesla’s Supercharger growth map and happily saw that Destin Florida is now in their plans for 2020 (update: it keeps getting delayed and not open as of 01/2022). As a Tesla owner, it will save me from using the other slow charger locations in Destin


EV chargers in Destin, FL?

  • There is Blink J-1772 at McDonalds at 895 Harbor Blvd but usually ICEd. You may want to wait some time until the customer hopefully leaves
  • There are free J-1772 chargers at Destin Commons Mall and Whole Foods Market
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites, Emerald Grande, Henderson Beach Resort, TOPS’L Beach and Racquet Resort and Fair Point Hotels have Tesla Destination Chargers
  • Tesla is supposed to build a supercharger in Destin in 2019, now postponed to 2021 or maybe later

Pelican Beach Resort New Outdoor Pool now open

We are excited to give this great news. Owners of condos voted last year to build an additional outdoor swimming pool to replace the underutilized sun deck. The project began in February 2020 and because of COVID-19 a bit delayed, and opened in June 2021.

The big pool area is constructed in the place of the sun deck, which was seldom used by guests. It is on the beachfront between dunes and balconies, just next to Tiki Bar area.

The new pool consists of

• New expansive Pool Decking

• Zero-entry Swimming Pool, for kids to play in the shallow area

• Large Outdoor Spa to fit more people inline with demand

• Additional Seating for 80 people with additional beach seating inside the pool

Pelican Beach Resort being one of the most popular resorts in the area, had every year more and more guests. This has increased the usage in the pools as well as hot tub, hence it was time for such expansion. There were also complaints that the legacy outdoor pool is shady in the afternoons. Now you guys will get sun tan all day long. You can book one of our family owned and managed condos here.


Southwest Airlines Service To Destin/Ft. Walton (VPS)

Beginning May 6, 2021, Southwest will commence service to an 11th airport in the Sunshine State, bringing a third option for beachcombers to access the Florida panhandle. Southwest Customers will be able to fly nonstop between Destin/Ft. Walton Beach and four destinations: Baltimore/Washington (BWI), Dallas (Love Field), and Nashville, bringing additional connecting or same-plane service to more than 50 cities, with added nonstop service to Chicago (Midway) beginning June 6, 2021. This new service is available for purchase now at

VPS is a very convenient airport, just 30 mins drive from our condos. Book your vacation rental now.

COVID-19 Policies

Our standard cancellation policy is in effect for bookings done after 03/31/2020.

Although not mandatory, Resort Management kindly requests guests to wear masks wherever they cannot socially distance (i.e. elevators)

How do we clean our condos?

– Bathrooms
Clorox 4 In One Disinfecting Spray Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Clinging Bleach Gel

– Kitchen and living rooms
Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner.
Alcohol to clean windows and all glass surfaces.
Soap and hot water and new sponge

Housekeeper washes hands immediately after entering the condo and puts on rubber gloves, sprays all light fixtures and door knobs. Keeping the gloves on; gathers all dirty linen in a trash bag and in laundry linen bag.

She washes her hands, puts on new pair of gloves and clean the kitchen. Soaks the counter tops with Microban multi purpose disinfectant spray. To decontaminate a surface, she scrubs it until the entire surface is wet, and then let it dry on its own. She wipes it up with paper towels and then spray a light spray and let air dry. For food preparation areas she uses hot water and soap; scrubbing the entire area.

She sprays disinfectant on all remotes, wipes them and sprays again, lets dry. She vacuums all floors and uses steam cleaner and a hand held steamer. She steams the couch and beds before making them up with clean linen. The bathrooms are sprayed down with bleach and disinfectant spray, everything is soaked and cleaned. All towels are replaced no matter if they are clean and bath mats are replaced with clean ones. Trash cans are washed and wiped out and sprayed with disinfectant.

Pelican Beach Resort Stay Rules

Following are the rules published by resort management for our guests staying at Pelican Beach Resort, Destin Florida

We are happy to have you as our guests! Below are our “House Rules” which we ask that you respect. Please take a minute to read them; ask us questions about any you don’t understand.

All owners and guests will be required to wear Pelican Beach wristbands during their stay with us.

For Your Safety and Enjoyment and the Safety and Enjoyment of Your Fellow Guests, We Ask You to:

 Non registered visitors will not be permitted access to the property at any time during spring break and July 4th holidays.
 Do not from throwing any items over the balcony railings
 Refrain from leaving your underage children unsupervised in the units or in the common areas of the property.
 Sleep in the same unit as your children to ensure they are properly supervised during your entire stay.
 Remember that only registered guests (no more than 6 in a 1 or 2 bedroom unit or 8 in a three bedroom unit) are permitted to stay in the rental units. One parent/guardian for every 3 children!
 Refrain from allowing children under the age of 15 years to use the fitness equipment; ages 15 – 18 may use facilities if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
 Use the trash chutes anytime, except between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Bagged trash only!
 Do not take luggage carts into the units. Return carts to lobby when finished
 Do not hang towels and clothing on the balcony railings.
 Never under any circumstances feed birds from your balconies!  Remember that excessive noise after 10:00 PM can result in your eviction and loss of deposits.
 Remember that the legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages in Florida is 21 years.
 Remember that adults who supply alcohol to minors can be arrested (fined and/or jailed) and evicted from the premises.
 Remember to display your parking pass on the dashboard at all times – only 2 vehicles per unit.
 Remember that your rental unit is someone else’s second home! You are responsible for any damage done while you rent the unit. Take care of it as you would your own home!
 A charge of $25 will be assessed for lost wristbands.
 This is a Smoke-Free Property. All use of tobacco or non-tobacco products will only be allowed in designated smoking areas. Smoking outside of the designated smoking areas will result in eviction and a $250.00 fine.
 No Pets Allowed