Great Vacation spots on Emerald Coast

There is great satisfaction in watching the sunset with sand lodged between your toes. That euphoria of ending the day in a paradise with the love of your life while doing the things you love is unmatched. Florida’s Emerald Coast is a picturesque paradise compared to holidaying in the Caribbean. And who blames them? The Emerald Coast is a knot of therapeutic sights, turquoise waters, and numerous relaxing parks.

The Emerald Coast is a make-up of Destin, Pensacola, Okaloosa Island, Fort Walton Beach, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, and Panama City. The beautiful stretch gets its name from its emerald-green water. You could do so much from building sandcastles, snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. So whether you are craving an action-packed beach or a lazy Sunday under the sun, I guarantee that you will find your desire at the Florida Emerald Coast.

The Emerald Coast boasts more activities than you could get to enjoy during your trip, and this only goes to say that you will have as much fun building your vacation itinerary as you will on your vacation. It doesn’t matter what spell of the year you visit. Emerald beach is something for everyone. Here are some spots to check out on the Emerald coast;

If you want to find complete solitude with the one you love, Navarre Beach is your dream destination. Navarre beach is a fascinating barrier Island covering over 12 miles of white sand beaches, and it is famous for its quiet and clear Emerald waters. So grab a picnic with your loved one to enjoy one of the beach’s most favored pastimes.

The Gulf Islands National Seashore completely understates Navarre. At the same time, picnic and relaxation rule, the island’s emerald waters are as enticing as its quiet. It is a great spot to go swimming and fishing. The longest pier on the Emerald coast is found at Navarre Beach. There is also an abundance of scenic bike paths and jogging trails to enjoy a ride/run amidst nature.

Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park

Rumored to be one of the Emerald Coast’s largest water parks, Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park is a great vacation destination for families. The Park boasts over 40 water play areas with slides, rides and pools where kids, adults, and families can enjoy some great playtime. The alluring Park also has onsite boarding so you and your family can have a super fun time of relaxation during your vacation without needing to commute.

If you plan on getting accommodation elsewhere, that’s okay too! Big Kahuna offers several day passes you can purchase to join the fun and party. So cool off in the Florida sun while surfing at the Honolulu Halfpipe or enjoy a ride on the Jumanji slide with your partners in relaxation.

Destin Snorkel

If you enjoy snorkeling, then you must go snorkeling in Destin. Destin has one of the most inclusive snorkeling venues in all of the Emerald Coast. There is an assortment of snorkeling tours to consider. Enjoy a good afternoon snorkeling at the protected jetty waters.

Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, Destin has the best offer for you. For instance, the Shelling Tour covers families and kids in shallow water activities searching for unique things and treasures like shells.

While the Two Stop tour will take you to two varying destinations where you can dive deeper with the help of connected airlines, you will be spoiled for choice!

St. Andrew’s State Park

The St. Andrew’s State Park is one of Panama City’s most beautiful attractions. It is an all-year-round attraction that is said to have the “Best Beach in America.” A perfect getaway for vacationists of all ages, St. Andrew’s. The Park offers many sports like swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, and onsite camping.

With over 60 camping sites in the Park, you can sleep under the stars with your loved one and create a lifetime of memories. If you love to travel and relax with your pet, this state park is for you because it is dog-friendly and allows for both pets and service animals. So relax and play as you vacation at one of the Emerald coast’s best destinations.

Crab Island

Holidaying at Crab Island is one of the most popular things in Destin, Emerald Coast, Florida. One fun fact you must know is that Crab Island is not an Island! Crab Island is a raised Sand bar with shallow emerald waters. Enjoy a ride on one of the Crab Island cruises as you experience the beautiful emerald coast without having to lift a finger.

The Crab Island Cruises operate on the principle that guests should rent both a boat and captain and go wherever they want when they want to. As a result, millions of people come to Crab Island to experience this beautiful destination as they mingle on the Sand bar, sip cocktails and soak in the Florida sunshine.

If you want to do all play and no work as you enjoy everything the emerald waters of Florida have to offer, then enjoying a tour on the Crab Island with the Crab Island Cruises is the ultimate goal.

Henderson Beach State Park

At Henderson Beach, dreams become a reality. It is a protected strip of the emerald coast with pristine white beaches and over 6000 feet of scenic shoreline. It is the perfect destination for picnics, relaxation, and weekend getaway camping, fishing, swimming, and sunbathing.

The clear emerald waters are highlighted by scrub oaks, sand pines, and dune rosemary, making the Park more scenic and enticing. The state park has over 60 camping sites that connect with boardwalks leading you straight to the beach, where you can enjoy a day of relaxation and playing water and beach games with family.

Fort Walton Beach

Fort Walton is a fascinating location for indulging in beach activities. It boasts a tranquil shoreline that beckons tourists to slow down and enjoy moments of pure relaxation. In addition, the beach has an all-year-round beach resort community and is open for fishing for the same amount of time.

Fort Walton Beach is a calm and relaxing family destination with hundreds of nearby attractions you can visit during your getaway. Parks, museums, aquariums and other family-friendly attractions near the beach add to its overall appeal for family vacations.

Destin Harbor Boardwalk

As with the rest of the attractions in Destin, spending time on the Destin boardwalk is a must-do. The path will give you access to the waterfront, where you can enjoy Florida’s sandy beaches and enjoy plenty of in and near water fun activities.

You can take a dolphin-watching tour or rent a fishing boat and enjoy a day of fishing on the emerald green Florida waters. Destin Harbor boardwalk offers many fun activities, with fishing opportunities being top on the list.


If you want to step into a movie set as a getaway for your vacation, look no further than Seaside. The idyllic town came into fame in the ’90s as a filming location for “The Truman Show.” The picturesque city of Florida’s Panhandle is home to beautiful pastel-colored houses with manicured lawns and picket fences.

You might feel like you live on a movie set, but what is a vacation if it does not escape reality? It is a great weekend getaway location for all kinds of people. If you are looking for a quiet, serene and romantic space, Seaside is it. Also, if you are looking for a family-friendly beach where you play, surf, and soak in the sun under the canopy, Seaside is that place.

Take a romantic walk along the quaint town’s brick-paved streets and enjoy discovering the alluring and straightforward local treasures in Seaside.

Grayton Beach State Park

If you prefer a secluded spot for your summertime swimming and vacation, Grayton Beach State Park is your perfect destination on the Emerald Coast. The state park beach offers clear emerald green waters that beckon a swimmer’s spirit in the summertime. It also boasts two unique coastal dune lakes notorious for the kayaking water sport.

Enjoy biking or hiking on the Park’s several hiking and biking trails to start your beautiful day at the beach and partake in the hundreds of outdoor sports adventures the Park has to offer. You can also take a walk and enjoy an evening gazing at the rate Hemmingway-style wooden houses along the Park’s colorful side streets with enticing art galleries to explore.

Perdido Key

Finally, Perdido Key is a must-visit if you want to vacation along the Emerald Coast of Florida. The oasis of warm gulf waters and white dunes is located on a small strip of land of Florida’s far West. Enjoy a day trip to the Perdido Key and soak in Florida’s stunning views as you soak up in the sun along the shoreline, hike, go crabbing or fishing. The Perdido Key is a perfect getaway from daily life and warrants beautiful sunny days of relaxation.