Coronavirus Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

03/27/2020 – Gov. Ron DeSantis is ordering that checkpoints be installed along Florida’s roads to account for traveling drivers and has also suspended all new vacation rentals in Florida for the next 14 days. News link

03/22/2020 – As of today, Destin public and private beaches are closed. However, the authorities do not enforce people settling on our private beach with their sets. Our beach service is suspended but we keep providing free chairs and umbrella in our condos. Gym, beach bar and hot tub are closed for safety concerns, outdoor and indoor pools are open. Restaurants in Destin operate at 50% capacity staggering tables. No food or grocery shortage reported, other than well known toilet paper problem. We have toilet paper in our stocks for our guests

You can check out beach webcam here

03/15/2020 – We understand and respect the fact that you may decide to cancel your trip because of concerns around Coronavirus; and are trying our best to be flexible.

We are posting updates about Destin and the resort on our Facebook page.

We are offering following options to our guests who will be i) checking-in to our condos before 04/30/2020 and; ii) cancelled their trips and freed our calendar at least 2 days before their arrival and; iii) booked on or before 03/15/2020

  1. Option: Cancel your booking for 50% refund (plus refund of the cleaning fee)
  2. Option: Cancel your booking and get 100% credit for a future booking (to be booked by 03/31/2021)

Important: If you booked from VRBO/Homeaway; you have been charged a service fee which will not be paid to us (likely that neither to you too) upon cancellation. They may refund the cleaning fee as you will not be travelling. For these bookings, 50% for refund option; or credit for future booking option is calculated from the amount we are paid by your booking portal.

If you decided to cancel, please cancel online by accepting the default cancellation terms of your booking portal. Contact us to inform your preference. For credits, we will give you a code to be used for your booking here. For 50% refunds, we will refund to your card, and if that is not possible, we will mail you a check.

For direct bookings, you can contact us in written with your cancellation request and preference.

Airbnb Policy Policy
VRBO/Homeaway Policy

How do we clean our condos?

– Bathrooms
Clorox 4 In One Disinfecting Spray Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Clinging Bleach Gel

– Kitchen and living rooms
Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner.
Alcohol to clean windows and all glass surfaces.
Soap and hot water and new sponge

Housekeeper washes hands immediately after entering the condo and puts on rubber gloves, sprays all light fixtures and door knobs. Keeping the gloves on; gathers all dirty linen in a trash bag and in laundry linen bag.

She washes her hands, puts on new pair of gloves and clean the kitchen. Soaks the counter tops with Microban multi purpose disinfectant spray. To decontaminate a surface, she scrubs it until the entire surface is wet, and then let it dry on its own. She wipes it up with paper towels and then spray a light spray and let air dry. For food preparation areas she uses hot water and soap; scrubbing the entire area.

She sprays disinfectant on all remotes, wipes them and sprays again, lets dry. She vacuums all floors and uses steam cleaner and a hand held steamer. She steams the couch and beds before making them up with clean linen. The bathrooms are sprayed down with bleach and disinfectant spray, everything is soaked and cleaned. All towels are replaced no matter if they are clean and bath mats are replaced with clean ones. Trash cans are washed and wiped out and sprayed with disinfectant.