COVID-19 Policies

Our standard cancellation policy is in effect for bookings done after 03/31/2020. If you don’t feel comfortable travelling because of personal reasons, and want to cancel your booking; we do NOT offer refunds, however only in case your dates are re-booked by another guest, we can provide you credit for another booking within 12 months.

We are NOT allowed to accept guests from states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut unless they quarantine for 14 days.

Although not mandatory, Resort Management kindly requests guests to wear masks wherever they cannot socially distance (i.e. elevators)

ALL OPEN: Beach, indoor and outdoor pools, beach service, Tiki bar, cafe, gym, hot-tub, sauna, steam room, gas grills
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: 3rd outdoor swimming pool
Restaurants operate at 50% indoor capacity, outdoor is unlimited. Bars are not allowed to serve alcohol at premises (they can sell to go).
Boat rentals etc. are operational observing social distancing and capacity restrictions. Theme parks should submit their opening plan and get approved to open.

You can check out beach webcam here

We have taken additional measures in our condos (please also scroll down for How Are We Cleaning our condos):

– Our check-in time is still 3 pm, however we take cleaning seriously so you condo may not be ready until 4 pm because of extra time we are taking.
– All quilts and decorative pillows, which cannot be sanitized or washed between guests are removed from the unit
Blankets or comforters are also washed between each guest
Ice in the ice maker is thrown away after each guest, so you may not have enough ice made for your first day
– Housekeepers will load the dishwasher with basic needs (6 plates, 6 glasses, and silverware) and start the cycle before they leave. So that you can use those from dishwasher during your first day safely. Please wash anything you would use from the cupboard especially during your first days
– Hand sanitizers are still scarce. We may not be able to provide one in the unit. Please bring your sanitizer with you.
– We leave 4 rolls of toilet paper and 2 trash bags in each unit as in normal times, and there is no daily housekeeping service. If you need more, please bring with you or purchase.
– We are leaving the condiments in the units, but some may have been used by previous guests (salt, pepper, oil etc.). Please take necessary precautions or do not use them and bring your own.
Toothbrush holders are removed

More resources can be found at:
Okaloosa County Website:
CDC Business Guidance:

How do we clean our condos?

– Bathrooms
Clorox 4 In One Disinfecting Spray Clorox Clean-Up Cleaner + Bleach
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner Clinging Bleach Gel

– Kitchen and living rooms
Microban 24 Hour Multi-Purpose Cleaner.
Alcohol to clean windows and all glass surfaces.
Soap and hot water and new sponge

Housekeeper washes hands immediately after entering the condo and puts on rubber gloves, sprays all light fixtures and door knobs. Keeping the gloves on; gathers all dirty linen in a trash bag and in laundry linen bag.

She washes her hands, puts on new pair of gloves and clean the kitchen. Soaks the counter tops with Microban multi purpose disinfectant spray. To decontaminate a surface, she scrubs it until the entire surface is wet, and then let it dry on its own. She wipes it up with paper towels and then spray a light spray and let air dry. For food preparation areas she uses hot water and soap; scrubbing the entire area.

She sprays disinfectant on all remotes, wipes them and sprays again, lets dry. She vacuums all floors and uses steam cleaner and a hand held steamer. She steams the couch and beds before making them up with clean linen. The bathrooms are sprayed down with bleach and disinfectant spray, everything is soaked and cleaned. All towels are replaced no matter if they are clean and bath mats are replaced with clean ones. Trash cans are washed and wiped out and sprayed with disinfectant.