Tesla to open a supercharger station in Destin Florida

Tesla planned to open a supercharger in Destin, FL in 2020 plans, but then cancelled that plan. The latest news as of February 2024 that they’re now building one between WinnDixie and Mimmos.

News from 2018 below

Good and long time awaited news. Today we have checked Tesla’s Supercharger growth map and happily saw that Destin Florida is now in their plans for 2020 (update: it keeps getting delayed and not open as of 01/2022). As a Tesla owner, it will save me from using the other slow charger locations in Destin


EV chargers in Destin, FL?

  • Pelican Beach Resort has 2 x J-1772 chargers on the 2nd level of the garage (for registered guests only)
  • There is Blink J-1772 at McDonalds at 895 Harbor Blvd but usually ICEd. You may want to wait some time until the customer hopefully leaves
  • There are free J-1772 chargers at Destin Commons Mall and Whole Foods Market
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites, Emerald Grande, Henderson Beach Resort and Fair Point Hotels have Tesla Destination Chargers

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