Vervaco Cross Stitch Kits

A great hobby for isolation days

These days are difficult for all of us. Especially keeping ourselves and our children occupied is the biggest challenge. Here is a great suggestion: Cross Stitch Kits, both for children and adults.

Craftmar is a company importing the famous Vervaco Cross Stitch Kits from Belgium. Some kits are stamped meaning the patterns are painted on the canvas, these are relatively difficult. Counted kits are not printed and you need to use the template in the kits to count the stitches.

All kits come with the canvas, yarn, instructions and a picture of the pattern in them.

Vervaco 8598
Vervaco 21805
Vervaco 149170

Here are the categories:
Vervaco Counted Cross Stitch Kits
Vervaco Stamped Cushion Cross Stitch Kits
Vervaco Bookmark Cross Stitch Kits
Vervaco Tablecloths and Table Runner Cross Stitch Kits
Vervaco Latch Hook Kits