Pelican Beach Resort New Outdoor Pool to open in 2020

We are excited to give this great news. Owners of condos voted last year to build an additional outdoor swimming pool to replace the underutilized sun deck. The project began in February 2020 and because of COVID-19 a bit delayed, now expected to complete sometime in October.

The big pool area will be constructed in the place of the sun deck, which was seldom used by guests. It will be on the front of the building between dunes and balconies, just next to Tiki Bar area.

The new pool will consist of

• New expansive Pool Decking

• Zero-entry Swimming Pool, for kids to play in the shallow area

• Large Outdoor Spa to fit more people inline with demand

• Additional Seating for 80 people with additional beach seating inside the pool

Pelican Beach Resort being one of the most popular resorts in the area, had every year more and more guests. This has increased the usage in the pools as well as hot tub, hence it was time for such expansion. There were also complaints that the legacy outdoor pool is shady in the afternoons. Now you guys will get sun tan all day long.