Pelican Beach Resort Renovations

Updated on 09/21/2023 – Pelican Beach Resort is having the milestone renovation and waterproofing for our guests to enjoy an upscale resort.

Phase 1 Spring Project (COMPLETED on May 4, 2023):

All the building has been waterproofed and painted. Our resort has warmer gray tones now.

Phase 2 Fall Project (until Jan 31st, 2024)

During this phase, the common walkway floors will be repaired and recoated, west stairwell will be repaired. Until December, 31st, there may be noise and dust in the resort due to grinding of the floor coatings and removal of tiles in the elevator areas.

DISCLAIMER: Several businesses rent properties in Pelican Beach Resort. We own and/or manage our units. This page is for information purposes only and contents may not be accurate. Contents of this page do not represent the views of the HOA or any other business renting properties.